Bio - Hector Bremner - Let’s Fix Housing


For most people, our city has become a tough place to live. Everyone is on edge. It’s near impossible to find and afford rent or mortgages here. We see development and growth is not benefiting us. Taxes are going up and services declining.

As I look around I see our city no longer makes sense. People cannot afford to live here. No one is realizing the benefits of their hard work, or development. Our taxes go up, but services decline. We’ve heard plans, promises, resets and apologies by our leaders, but our challenges just get worse.

I have hope though that we can come together to solve our city’s problems. The solutions are there for us. The truth is that often solutions are easy, it’s the politics that are hard. So, I am hoping we can put division aside and work together to make this city work again.

My life and career have been marked by recognizing good ideas, getting things done and bringing people together. That’s why I am thrilled to be running as your Mayoral candidate for the NPA – The party who has moved our city forward over its many decades in city hall. We need to get back there to fix our city.

My promise to you is that I will get the job done.

As Vice-President of Public Affairs, for Gastown-based Pace Group Communications, I help BC businesses, non-profits, associations, local government and First Nations ensure they are heard, understood and are able to thrive. I will do that for all citizens of Vancouver.

  • I was honoured to serve as the Assistant to BC’s Minister of International Trade, Responsible for Multiculturalism, where I worked to attract investment, grow jobs and ensure that our community is welcoming.
  • I also served in the Deputy Premier’s Office, where I was responsible for working with BC Housing; helping get people a stable roof over their heads.

It’s time for a bright, new NPA ready to lead.

I have a clear plan, a powerful message and the best team to win in October. I will hold Vision Vancouver to account for playing politics, not leading. The alternative is opening the door for the Greens or Vision to take our City further down the wrong path by avoiding the most important issue, housing.

Now is our time!

As a father and a husband, I strive to lead by example and never shy away from doing what is right. That’s why I have my family and friend’s support in seeking the mayoral nomination of this great party – they know that our kids and grandkids’ future of being able to live in the city is at stake.

My wife and I are in this race because we care that our boys, who were born here, won’t be able to make a life here unless something is done now about the housing crisis.

We have been so blessed to have so much amazing support from the Chinese, Filipino, Korean and South Asian communities, broadening our grassroots team across the city! I hope you will join our movement.

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