You can Vote at 50 locations across Vancouver on October 14th!! Let's Fix Housing, Let's Vote Out Vision!Click the map for voting locations:
Think HOUSE and RENTAL prices are OUT OF CONTROL in Vancouver - Here's a peek at failed leadership at city hall and one of the REASONS WHY prices are so HIGH! Do you see other opportunities where our city...
Here's why our rent prices are so high. Vision Vancouver and Gregor Robertson have failed us on RENT PRICES! Let's vote to fix housing on October 14th. Let's vote NPA and Hector Bremner - #LetsFixHousing
UNREAL! CHECK OUT what an 11 Million dollar house looks like in Vancouver. Together we can do better #letsfixhousing
Hector Bremner, 36, once ran for B.C. Liberals in New Westminster  A former candidate for the B.C. Liberals in New Westminster in 2013 and one-time assistant to then-housing minister Rich Coleman will now see if he can boost the NPA’s...
Hector Bremner

By Election

Throughout this campaign we are going to here a lot of ideas and about many issues facing our city.  Some, will be important ones and that we need to address.  However, side issues and political games that so often divide...
Vancouver Townhouses


The housing situation in Vancouver is at a crisis level. This is why I am running for council; to make some real headway on this serious and real issue that is hampering the ability of current and future generations...


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