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Hector Bremner Part 4 - Together, we can solve the housing crisis without losing our Canadian values

Hector Bremner Part 3 - There's more of us who hope

Hector Bremner Part 2 - Housing and Homelessness

Hector Bremner Part 1

Housing Platform

Let’s Fix Housing – 3 point plan – First off let’s agree this is a problem we can fix. With our wealth we can keep Vancouver open and welcoming as well as build the houses we need.

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Policy Platform

For most people, our city has become a tough place to live. Everyone is on edge. It’s near impossible to find and afford rent or mortgages here. We see development and growth is not benefiting us. Taxes are going up and services declining.

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When my family and friends said they wanted me to take this journey, I was shocked. My path to this moment is one I could not have predicted, and I’m honoured to be given this chance to contribute to our community. It’s my mission now to live up to their, and your expectations of me.

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Ways You Can Join Us

Join our movement

Email us at hectorbcampaign@gmail.com for more details.


If you are interested in volunteering email us at hectorbcampaign@gmail.com


Hector believes in getting to work to fix housing in Vancouver. Help him with his mayoral campaign and donate today!

Our campaign is a movement of real everyday Vancouverites who donate their time and energy to our cause. When you donate to this campaign we guarantee that 90 cents of every dollar goes directly to getting our message out and returning real leadership to our great city.